About Miss Essayist

Hello and a warm welcome! My name is Payden Annie, and I am the writer and creator of MissEssayist.com. Feel free to browse around, comment on the posts, and share with your own network!

Why Miss Essayist? 

I was inspired by the very ladylike Judith Martin, who goes by the pen name “Miss Manners”, and is a nationally recognized authority on civility and etiquette. Her ability to make a point without making an enemy inspired me to write my own essays on topics such as feminism and worldview in a similar tone of grace and honesty.

Essays in their true form are being buried by millions of blogs circling the web. This website is also an effort to revive and honor the art essays as one of the purest forms of literature.

Who am I?

There are many ways I could describe myself- daughter, friend, explorer, sister, but the most significant thing about me is my faith. My relationship with my Lord is the most defining thing about me, and while some of my essays are not explicitly “religious”, they do all stem from the worldview of a young Christian woman.

Now, as for who I am other than Miss Essayist? In December 2018, I graduated with my B.A. in English from Regent University and I now work for a software company while I earn my M.S. in Communication Science and Disorders. Currently, I am working on my first children’s novel, Prosperity Lane and my first attempt at historical fiction, Call Me Lyde. 

Fun Facts About Me:

  • My first name came from the 1985 movie, “Silverado.”
  • My favorite month is October because fall.
  • I have a Golden Retriever named Violet
  • I am an ENFP on the Meyer-Briggs Personality test!
  • I am a voracious reader of non-fiction (with children’s literature as an exception!). If you have any recommendations, send them my way!
  • Hobbies include baking, running, hiking, planning my next road trip and learning French.